Reduce Water Damage Claims On Your Home With Technology

By: Advocate Brokerage

Water leaks happen, and they can cause massive amounts of damage to your home. And while you can’t always predict when a pipe will burst or a water line separate from an appliance, there are steps you can take to keep your home safe.

Automatic water shut-off valves

An automatic water shut-off valve is a leak detection system that can turn the water off if the system senses a problem. There are two types of traditional water shut-off valves. These are moisture-sensing and flow-based.

A moisture-sensing system uses specialized moisture “pucks” that acknowledge the physical presence of water on the floor. These are typically located around the home, including by the hot water heater, dishwasher, refrigerator, and in each bathroom.

A flow-based system is what we actively recommend; as it continually monitors the flow of water. If water moves through the pipes for a set period of time, your water will shut-off. This can be vastly helpful during small events, such as a leaking toilet, and catastrophic water flow caused by a burst pipe or separated water hose.

A worthwhile investment

An automatic water shut-off valve can give you peace of mind that not only your primary home but secondary properties have an added layer of protection in your absence. Even if you are home when the water event happens, you can’t always get to your manual water shut-off in time to divert disaster.

In addition to keeping your property safe, if your home has a value in excess of $3 million, a water shut-off valve may be a non-negotiable requirement. Ask your insurance Advocate how adding this invaluable system may positively affect your homeowner insurance rates.

Old-fashioned remedies

While technology can help you monitor your home, you can take a few hands-on steps to prevent water damage in the first place. If you plan to be gone for more than just a few days, turn off the main water valve. In secondary homes, you can also drain the plumbing system and insulate exterior pipes in the off-season.

Just as important, clean out your gutters and downspouts, set the heat to at least 63% (a smart thermostat is invaluable), and open cabinet doors to help circulate warm air.

Ultimately, each of your properties is a huge investment that you don’t want to leave to chance. Automatic water shut-off systems are a worthwhile addition that can help mitigate any homeowner concerns, such as water damage, that could leave you drowning in debt and doubt when you can’t be on location.

Contact your insurance Advocate today to find out more about how to protect all of your properties.

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