Theft Of Luxury Automobiles Is On The Rise

By: Advocate Brokerage

Theft of luxury automobiles continues to rise. Unfortunately, affluent neighborhoods are often the primary target. The latest trend is for thieves to drive away with the entire car (rather than stealing parts or breaking in to steal valuables).

Criminals work in groups and canvas both nice neighborhoods and areas where people commonly pull up and jump out of the car for a minute just to pick up something such as a gas station, a dry cleaner, the post office, a coffee shop, or a pizza place. They wait a few feet away and as you jump out; they jump in and drive away.

We’ve All Done It

We are all guilty of stopping by the house to pick up something or running inside a store quickly without wanting to take the time to lock everything up. After all, you’re only going to be a minute. Either scenario gives the car thieves ample time to pull off their intended crime.

The best rule of thumb? Don’t leave your keys in your car, no matter where it is parked and no matter how long you will be away from the vehicle!

Fun Fact From Your Insurance Advocate:

In luxury cars, side mirrors turn in when there are no keys in the car. An expensive car that is parked with its mirrors out indicates to a would-be car thief that the keys might be inside, making it easier to simply drive away. While this is a setting that can be disabled, it is something that owners of nice cars should be aware of!

Tips From local law enforcement:

  • Lock your car each time you exit the vehicle.
  • When you can park your car in a locked garage.
  • Set your alarms, even when you are home as there have been recent cases where the criminals come into homes when people are there to steal keys.
  • Don’t store keys in places that are visible and easily accessible to criminals
  • Add security features to your home such as a surveillance camera and motion lighting.

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