What To Know About The Tightening Insurance Market

By: Advocate Brokerage

The insurance market is changing how and who it insures, and this transition is moving faster than anyone in the homeowner or luxury car insurance industry could have predicted. A sudden reluctance to underwrite new policies (and even renew policies for existing clients) is a nationwide phenomenon. Carriers are making the move to offer policies only to customers with a five-year claim-free history. Some providers are leaving the market altogether.


The question is not if this market upheaval will affect you but when.


Why The Change?


There is a perfect storm taking place in the insurance marketplace right now. First is the rising cost of claims. The cost to rebuild a home or repair a car has gone up dramatically in recent years, and carriers are raising premiums to cover these expenses.


The increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters, such as fires and floods, is also a factor. Climate change is making these events more common, and they’re costing carriers billions of dollars in claims… and they are not willing or able to absorb these costs.


Finally, the insurance industry now faces a number of other challenges, including inflation, rising interest rates, and increased regulation.


What does this mean for you? If you have auto insurance, a homeowner policy, or any other kind of insurance product, your rates will almost certainly rise. You may also have a harder time finding a new policy, or you may have to pay higher deductibles.


Protecting Your Assets Throughout The Turmoil


Fortunately, there are ways to offset some of the cost of asset protection. A few points to discuss with your insurance agency include:


  • Higher deductibles. Higher deductibles allow for lower premiums because you are taking on greater risks if issues arise. However, the risk of paying an additional lump sum if you file a claim may easily be worth it to avoid a sharp rise in premiums.
  • Account credit. Keeping your homeowner and auto insurance with the same provider usually makes you eligible for discounted pricing.
  • Discounts. There are many discounts available for all types of insurance. Maintaining a safe driving record, utilizing anti-theft devices, and adding home safety features are just a few examples. You may also qualify for a lower premium for your teen if they maintain a high GPA and undergo driver training.


Most people will not make it out of the next few years unscathed by the insurance marketplace. But working with a high-end insurance company that puts your needs first can help you weather the weather, whatever may come. Your personal insurance advisor can keep you abreast of changes so that your assets are properly protected.

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