By: Denise Koslowsky

I have held a homeowners policy with PURE since 2013. When one pays their annual premium for homeowners insurance, one never imagines ever needing it.  The thought of a catastrophic event in their home is just too painful to think about. It will never happen to you.   But the unthinkable does happen.  This time it happened to my family. On November 24th, my husband and I awoke to my daughter frantically knocking on our bedroom door screaming “mommy, it’s raining in the house”. As my rubbed my eyes and opened the door, to my horror, she was right.  Overnight a malfunctioning toilet on the upper level of my home had leaked gallons of water.  Every level of my home was affected.  My husband and I were stunned and horrified.  In our panic and disbelief we turned to our insurance company for guidance. My first call to report the claim was filled with tears and fear. The PURE employee was kind, understanding and extremely helpful. Within 20 minutes of that initial phone call, I received a call from an on-call adjuster. He was calling from California, and despite the time difference and the early morning hour, he was sympathetic, helpful and reassuring. From that call on, the day was filled with helpful and reassuring PURE employees’ phone calls and subcontractors.  They were all respectful and compassionate. I wish in my fear and panic, I had remembered to write down all of their names to write and thank them.  However, there is one person in particular I felt deserved praise beyond a thank you–Bob Purcell.  From the first day he called me, he could sense my fear, panic and disbelief. His initial phone call was calming and reassuring as well as sympathetic. I could tell, he truly meant it.   He explained the process step by step.  He calmed my fears concerning the rebuilding of once was my beautiful home which was at that point being broken down wall by wall and floor by floor.  Despite being the day before Thanksgiving, he gave me his cell number in case any questions or concerns came up before appointment to meet a few days later.  I thought- unbelievable –   an insurance adjuster gave me his cell number – on a holiday weekend. From that point on, Mr. Purcell, despite his busy day, was in constant contact with me throughout the assessment process.  He promptly returned phone calls and emails.  He answered all of my questions and concerns no matter how big, small or insignificant.  He never made me feel ignorant or like a nuisance.  He made me feel my claim was of the utmost importance and my family’s comfort was paramount.  It inconceivable to me– all I have ever heard was horror stories about insurance claims.  I heard how they were complicated, slow and sometimes adversarial.  As I told my story to my colleagues at work, they were in disbelief that an insurance company like PURE and an adjuster like Mr. Purcell existed. During times of stress and loss, I feel people are very quick to express discontent and complain.  We often forget to express our thanks and gratitude for the kind people who help us through.  I am taking the time know.  From the initial claims phone person to Bob Purcell, on behalf of myself and my family, I want to thank you and PURE.  We could never have gotten through this without their professional, compassion and support.

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