Employee Appreciation Day

By: Denise Koslowsky


Today is Employee Appreciation Day and we would be remiss if we let it pass without paying tribute to Team Advocate. The hard working folks who make it possible for us to do what we do on a daily basis!

We give a Standing Ovation to our long time employees with 15+ years of service to Team Advocate:

• Carol Gramolini – 32 years
• Toniann Bonvino – 24 years
• Margaret Dodge – 22 years
• Anita Smith – 19 years
• Alice Carraca 17 years

It is with Deep Gratitude that we salute team members with 5+ years of service:

• Lynn Palma – 14 years
• Craig Cheverko – 11 years
• Janet Bilbao 9 years
• Vera Aufieri 9 years
• Denise DeLuise 9 years
• Tracey Robinson – 9 years
• JoAnn Binelli 6 years
• Juanita Dobbs 6 years
• Lynn Foster 6 years
• Angie Reyes – 6 years
• Victoria Troccoli – 5 years
A Round of Applause to the newest members of Team Advocate.

• Tara Wilson 2 ½ years
• Christine Striano 2 years
• Alyssa Wiener 1 ½ years
• Louise Kelly – 1 year
• Rob Roksvold 1 year
• Michael Santarsiera 1 year
• Sue Wattenberg 1 year
• Glenys De Los Santos – 9 months
• Elizann Arizmendi – 8 months
• Rose Merna-Lavelle 6 months
• Breanne Webster 4 months
• June Hodapp – 13 years (after coming back to us, she’s an Oldie & a Newbie!)
A message from Denise: “We are so grateful for our hardworking team. We recognize that we are only as successful as the people we have behind our back. It is a great honor that so many of our employees have been with us for so long. We hope this says something about the way we show our appreciation for the work you do, not only today but throughout the year. Our hope is that we will continue to learn from each other and grow as a team. We look forward to congratulating those who are new additions to our team in the years to come.” 

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