Happy Father’s Day…a tribute to our Advocate Dads

By: Denise Koslowsky

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.

– Sigmund Freud
Ron Binday_Father's Day

Father’s Day is Sunday and I would like to spend a moment to talk about the Advocate dads, specifically my father Ronald Binday, my brother Glenn Binday, my husband Jeffrey Koslowsky, Advocate’s Business Development Manager, Craig Cheverko and Marketing Representative Rob Roksvold.

I paid tribute to my dad, Ron Binday last year on father’s day (here), he is one of a kind, a true gentleman.  His generosity, loyalty and love have taught me a great deal and I am proud to be his daughter.

My brother Glenn Binday has definitely followed in our father’s footsteps donating his time and resources to organizations within our community.  He sits on the board of Steve’s Camp and donates his time serving as President of Scarsdale’s Company 3 Volunteer Fire Department.  With three teenage daughters his life is busy.  He loves mountain biking, often coming in to work banged and bruised.  His wife Kelly said it is amazing how he handles living in a household with 4 women, always keeping his cool.

My husband Jeff Koslowsky, is a wonderful dad to our two sons.  Giving back to the underprivileged within our community by serving on the board of Greyston Bakery sets a great example for our kids.  Watching him volunteer his time alongside our son and working with organizations like Backyard Sports Cares is a joy.  Jeff is amazing, always helping everyone, and always there for his family, he is the world’s best multi-tasker.

Craig Cheverko has been a longstanding member of the Advocate Brokerage Team.  He started his career with us and we were excited to add him as part of our executive team a few years ago.  Craig loves spending time with his two boys and his wife Katie, and when he has time he cooks up an amazing meal.

We don’t want to miss our Marketing Representative Rob Roksvold who has two beautiful children.  We are so thankful for all his hard work and dedication to our Advocate family.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Advocate dads!  Thank you for all you do to keep your family safe and happy while giving your all to Advocate each day.  Enjoy your special day.

~Denise Koslowsky

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