Thanks Mom!

By: Denise Koslowsky

Thanks Mom!

Sunday is Mother’s Day and I want to take a moment again this year to pay tribute to my mom and my business partner, the Founder and President of Advocate Brokerage, Rosalyn Binday. My mom got her insurance license while she was pregnant with me, and killed herself over the years to turn Advocate Brokerage into a successful business. When I was young, I never thought I would come back home and go into the family business, probably because I was terrorized by my mother’s specialty of selling insurance to anyone she ever met (on the checkout line at the supermarket, on vacation in a foreign land), but my mom never doubted it. She and my father created a legacy for our family and when it was time for me to get serious about my career and where I wanted to go in life, I returned home and learned from the best. I truly believe my mom is the world’s best saleswoman and I am proud to be a part of the business she created. So, Thank You mom…for always believing in me and for helping me find my way to a career I love.

I did a radio interview earlier this year about mom, the family business and the transition from a mom & pop firm to a corporation with family values. If you never got a chance to listen to my interview on Jim Blasingame’s The Small Business Advocate, here is the link!


~Denise Koslowsky

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