Protecting Your Business – What You Need To Know About Crime & Fidelity Insurance

By: Advocate Brokerage

When a business experiences a loss, no matter the reason, it can have a devastating effect. You work hard to ensure that your business succeeds so you will want to do all you can to protect it from any potential risks.  We are specialists in the world of Commercial Insurance and are here to offer support and information when it comes to protecting your business from the very real threat of crime.

Also referred to as Fidelity Insurance, a crime insurance policy that offers you coverage that is not often found in your typical Commercial Property Policy. Business Crime Coverage or Fidelity Insurance offers protection from a wide range of crimes including the theft of money or property, the dishonesty of employees, embezzlement, or on-premises robbery. As detailed below:

Theft Of Money Or Securities
If someone other than an employee steals your money or securities from your building or financial institution.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage

If your employee illegally takes money, securities, or other business property from you.

Third Party Coverage

If your employee illegally takes money, securities or other business property from your clients.

If someone attempts to forge checks.

Robbery Coverage

Robbery Coverage is a component of business crime coverage that protects you when someone robs you of your property while it’s inside your building or in the care of a messenger or armored vehicle company. It also helps cover the loss or damage of a locked safe or vault located at your business that has been broken into during a robbery.

Cyber Liability

Additional Crime coverage such as Computer Fraud and Social Engineering coverages are also available with a Cyber Liability policy.

Having an insurance professional such as the ones at Advocate Brokerage as part of your support system is a great way to ensure that your insurance portfolio covers all the potential risks you face. Please give us a call, to ask any questions you may have or to find out if adding a fidelity policy to your insurance portfolio would benefit you.

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